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Behavioral Clues of a Christ Follower

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

While Deuteronomy 24 seems like a list of rules to follow, every Israelite understood that the behavior Moses attests to is an outcome of love for the people God brings our way or to our attention. The list of behavioral commands in Deuteronomy 24 can be listed as below for Jesus’ followers.

Do not economically cripple someone that they do not have the capital needed to work and to live (verse 6).

Do not traffic people for your economic benefit – instead, rescue those who are enslaved and render justice to him or her (verse 7).

Do not go into someone’s home to claim the money that is due to you (verse 10, 11).

Do not be punitive in demanding a collateral for a loan that the borrower struggles for his safety and wellbeing (verses 12, 13).

Do not take advantage of people who work for you. Pay them timely and generously (verses 14, 15).

Generously give towards the wellbeing of a foreigner and to those who do not have a father or a husband (verse 19 – 21).

Now, trust Jesus and do all the above because you were once a slave to sin, but our Lord Jesus gave His life as a ransom for you and redeemed you (verses 18, 22).

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