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We summarize your Sunday sermons into an engaging one-minute video.


Our 60-second summary videos help viewers easily remember, reflect on, and reinforce key points from your Sunday sermons.

60-second Sermon Summary

One Minute Video for Reinforced Learning and Increased Engagement

The way we absorb information and learn has fundamentally changed.
Likely, you or someone in your congregation has recently engaged with a YouTube Short, Facebook Reel, Instagram Reel, or TikTok video—perhaps even within the last day. A summary of your sermon might just become the reel or the short they watched.

Shorts and reels, 90-second or less videos, receive over 70 billion views daily from over 2 billion unique users.

Many of these viewers are from our neighborhoods.

60-second Sermon Summary

How Does Our Process Work?


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Got Questions?

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