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Shopping for War, not Peace

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Joshua 11 is the story of lies that always ends in strive – and when it is nation-states at stake, it ends in war. In the earlier chapters, we read that the region’s leaders and the people knew that God was giving Israel their victory (Joshua 2:10, Joshua 9). But unlike Rahab and the Gibeonites who aligned themselves with God, these kings lied to themselves and their countryfolks that they can win the war against Israel. None of the leaders and the region’s people wanted to have a peaceful resolution with the Israelites because they refused to recognize the truth that God was fighting for Israel (Joshua 11:19).

When we see God at work and repeatedly fail to acknowledge Him, God allows us to fall into the destruction we bring about ourselves. When we intentionally reject God, we will rely on ourselves or anything we have made into our god. Simply put, we will depend on what is nothing! Sadly, like the Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, and others (Joshua 11:3), often we turn wholehearted to “nothing” to help us. Instead, like the Gibeonites, let us turn to God, the Almighty who created us and everything that is. For when we turn to God – the only One who can save us – He will save us.

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