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A Good Advice for Pastors and Missionaries

In the first two verses of this chapter, Moses tells those engaged in priestly duty, the Levites, to not receive any earthly property inheritance because their inheritance is the Lord (verse 2). The job description of the Levites can be summarized as this: Nurturing the Israelites in their relationship with God. While an Israelite farmer would have to nurture a crop from seedlings to harvest or a businessman would have to nurture his business to profitability, the Levites were to nourish the Israelites so that they could grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and live their lives trusting God. This job requires the investment of time, capital, and effort. Moses knows this personal investment demanded of them. He tells the Levites to trust God for God will provide for their wellbeing through His children while the Levites give their time and strength to serve God.

This principle has not changed. Pastors, missionaries, and others who have chosen serving Jesus as their vocation have to trust Jesus to take care of them. The stress of paying rent and bills may seem like a boulder placed on their shoulders. But they cannot be consumed by it. Rather, they are to be consumed in learning God’s word and sharing it with others. Whatever their struggles on earth, the truth is God has got their back. God is their inheritance.

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