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The Surety of Our Eternity

In Deuteronomy 7:6 Moses reminds the Israelites that they are a group of people God has chosen to be his own special treasure. Moses makes it very clear that God chose the Israelites simply because He loved them. It was not because of anything they had or did.

Centuries later, Apostle Peter tells those who have put their faith in Jesus that they are a chosen people. Go has adopted us as His children because He loves us. Our adoption has got nothing to do with our talents, behavior, or personality – it is entirely God’s decision.

Since it is God who adopted us, there is nothing we can do or say or think that will make God “unadopt” us. God will never send us away from Him because of who He is. God is faithful and He will keep His commitment, His covenantal promise to lead us home, to live with Him forever. We can sleep easy because our eternity is secured by God’s decision to adopt us.

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