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What is the ratio of 8000 miles and 5.88 trillion times 93 billion miles?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Did you know that the earth’s diameter is approximately 8,000 miles?

Did you also know that 5.88 trillion miles is one light year, and the size of our observable universe is estimated to be 93 billion light years?

The earth with a diameter of 8,000 miles looks like a speck of dust in a universe that spans over 5.88 trillion x 93 billion miles. Psalm 90 reminds us that our lifespan is also a speck of dust when compared to the vastness of the eternity of God (verses 2, 3). But this speck of time that we have is important to God. God wants us to spend it in a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our relationship with our everlasting God will change our inner motives and outward behavior.

Living as the child of God, loving, and trusting Him, will make this very short time we spend on earth a life that is well lived. Though the universe that God created spans more than 93 billion light years and though God holds eternity in His hands, nothing brings more pleasure to God than our speck of life that is well lived (Hebrews 10).

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