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Two Reasons God Rescues Us

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Joshua 4 describes a particular event that happened after the people crossed the Jordan River. Twelve men picked up stones from the riverbed to remember what God had done for the people of Israel. The Lord stopped a flooding river from flowing down for these two reasons –

1. All the nations of the earth will know His power

2. The people of Israel will obey the Lord (verse 24).

There are always those moments in life when we recognize the working of God – it just cannot be missed. Maybe God saved us from a life-and-death struggle, or perhaps God raised us to a place beyond our imagination. When God graciously and lovingly leads us through or to something beyond our capacity, we must remember it. It reminds us to continue to obey God when we want to act in our strength.

Simultaneously, when people around us see how the Lord is leading us, they will know God’s power and His tender love, and they too will be encouraged to follow Jesus.

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