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The Buck Stops Here.

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

In Leviticus 32 we read that when the Israelites were about to cross across the Jordan river to conquer the promised land, two tribes asked Moses if they can “stay back” in the land on east side of Jordan. This land too was conquered at God’s command and with God’s help. Moses agreed and granted them their request.

In Deuteronomy chapter 3, Moses tells all the people of Israel that it was his decision to give the land on the east of Jordan to these two tribes. In stating firmly that that he decided to give the land east of Jordan to these two tribes as their inheritance Moses ensures that no one can dispute this inheritance. The emphatic ownership of the decisions made by Moses brought clarity to all the people and security to these two tribes.

Moses’ actions that day is an important lesson for leaders today. If the Lord has placed you in a position of authority and power, then you are responsible for all the decisions. When you take ownership of the decisions that are made it brings clarity to all the people under your leadership and security to those who are affected by the decision that was made.


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