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When 2 = 10

Deuteronomy 5 begins with the ten commandments and makes it clear that this is how those whom God has adopted as His children are to behave.

The commandments we read in verses 1 to 11 are about our relationship with God. These commandments require us to have a lifestyle that revolves around our relationship with God. God is not a part of our life. God is the center of our life – and He is fully engaged in all areas of our life.

The second set of commandments – verses 16 to 21 – talk about our relationship with people. God expects us to relate to others with integrity and ethical responsibility.

These ten commandments and the laws that Moses gives to the Israelites can be summarized in four words. Love God, love others. But loving others is not easy. Loving others requires us to be truthful, just as Jesus was truthful in His relationship with the Pharisees and teachers of the law. Loving others requires us to sacrifice, just as Jesus sacrificed His life for us. Loving others reflects our love for God. We can only love others when we are walking with God and listen to His leading.

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