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Creativity at Work

Lesson from Genesis 1

The Bible opens with with the magnificent display of God's creative power. When we look at how much we’ve accomplished through our creative abilities, it seems absolutely ridiculous in comparison to what God created in just the first chapter of Genesis.

Later, in Isaiah 45, God told Isaiah, “I made the earth. My own hands stretched out the skies. I have directed the starry constellations in their place.” According to Dr. Warner Gitt, during the Old Testament times, educated men believed there were about 3,000 stars. But new research shows us that there are actually more stars than there are grands of sand. That means that our God has planned out the map of seven quintillion stars.

God’s creativity can also be seen on the floor of the earth. Take the beetle for example. God did not create one standard “model” of this small invertebrate, He created 8 and 1/2 million species of beetles. How creative is that!!!


God’s creativity is also seen in us – you and me. According to Population Research Bureau, 108 billion of us have lived in this earth so far . . . And each of us have a completely unique voice print , fingerprints, and iris patterns. That’s 108 billion custom-designed people created by a creative God.


But not only are you a one in 108 billion – a highly unique, one of a kind person – created by God . . . you’re also someone who reflects God in your creative ability. In the very first chapter of Genesis we read that He has made you in His image. It means as God created you in His image, has reflect God's image in your creative capacity. He creates. You create.

The question is how does this apply to your work? 

Remember God has made you in his image and has given you creative capacity. Use it and be creative at work. God was creative at His work. 

Simply put, imitate God and be creative at work.

Overcome Your Heritage

Lesson from Josiah from 2 Kings

This week we are listening to a series on overcoming our past from a sermon series delivered at Austin Ridge Bible Church. Listen to pastor Brad Thomas' teaching on how the Bible teaches you to overcome dysfunctional and destructive family heritage. Plug in your phone and listen as you drive to work. 

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King Josiah: Overcoming your Heritage (c) Brad Thomas

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