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our gratitude wall.

We broadcast sound Bible teaching around the world because of

(1) those who pay a small monthly subscription,

(2) those who give a small gift subscription for one person to receive the broadcast (many of you gift more than one subscription), and

(3) those who pray for the Mobile Christian Network family.

Every weekday we broadcast sound Bible teaching because of each of you, our church and organizational partners, and each one of our subscribers who trust us to bring clear, accurate, and practical Bible teaching to them. 

In this wall, we honor and express our gratitude to individuals who stand with us. Subscribers who pay or gift at least one subscription a month:

Andrew J from Tenessee

Dennisa D. from New Zealand

Derrah J. from Texas

Don B. from Washington

Monica W. from USA

Randa N. from Texas

Shalini J P. from Texas

Yuvaraj D. from New Zealand

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