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the numbers above

We are steadily growing in our number of subscribers. We have added just a little over 400 subscribers in the last three months.

Total number of Arabic language subscribers is 419.

Total number of Tamil language subscribers is 1405.

Both languages together, total number of subscribers is 1824.

In the Arabic language we have a few people who rebroadcast the messages to 79 others who are rebuilding their lives from the ongoing crisis in the region.

Also, in both the Tamil and Arabic languages, our listeners regularly forward the messages to their friends and family members. From our listener feedback, we expect about 300 to 400 broadcast forwards

leadership seminar

The leadership seminar we held on November 11, 2017 was appreciated very much by all the participants. About 80 people attended the seminar. A senior leader from a large multinational corporation, John K John, and the academic dean of Madurai Bible Seminary, Sam Cherian led the leadership seminar. John, with his love for our Lord and commitment to train others was our first Mobile Christian Teacher. Sam Cherian, a dear friend, and Dallas Seminary graduate, generously gave his time as our first Mobile Bible Teacher. Below are pictures from the seminar.

The seminar was held in a picturesque retreat center. We could not have held the first Mobile Christian Network Seminar without the support, encouragement, and partnership of Richard Samuel, who leads Crown Financial Ministries and Christian Business Men's Connection in India along with a teaching and church planting ministry. Also, a shout out to Kairos Multimedia's Danny Gadmur, The Good Samaritans International's Vinay Patras, and The Good Samaritans India's Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh, Winsor Daniel, and others who made the event possible.

We are continuing to explore and pursue opportunities to offer on-site classes to our listeners. 

If you or someone from your church would like to serve as a Mobile Christian Teacher or Mobile Bible Teacher please contact us at


Our listeners continue to engage with us as if we are their friend. Johnny Hachem, our Arabic broadcast manager continues to go out of his way to meet with listeners who want to meet with him to share their appreciation for the broadcast. 

You may remember, Johnny is an accomplished pianist and orchestral music composer. He will be performing in Belarus next month. Earlier this month, Johnny performed at a RZIM event in Jordan.  Read more about Johnny.

Arabic listener engagement: 

"I told my friend about your broadcast. Now she also listens to you.

A listener from Syria

Many listeners sent us Christmas and New Year greetings. The image is one of the many New Year greetings we received from our listeners.

"Good morning, Johnny. Hope you are doing well. Kindly add (my friend) Eman to the group (broadcast)." 

A current subscriber from Egypt asking our Broadcast Manager to add his friend to our subscription. 

"Your Bible teaching broadcast is a blessing to me. Can you please give me some information on a good church I can attend near me? Thank you."

Listener from Syria

"Can Jesus forgive me? Can he forgive this ---- sin that I committed? Does Jesus have the authority to forgive my sins?" 

A Muslim listener from Egypt

The image shows the conversation this listener had with us on the forgiveness of sin. 


Salomi Jubal is our Tamil WhatsApp and social media manager. Leslie Jebaraj is volunteering his time as our counselor. Leslie was also the host for the Leadership Seminar that we held in November. He traveled from Chennai to the city of Madurai, just to serve those who had signed up.

This is a listener who joined our broadcast in December. After listening to our broadcasts Thru the Bible with pastor Vernon McGee and Mini Bible College with pastor Dick Woodward, translated and broadcast in Tamil, he thanked us a few weeks later for "adding" him to the broadcast.

To subscribe to our broadcast, our listeners have to text "join" or "subscribe" or tell us they would like to get our broadcast via a WhatsApp text message.  

This subscriber is telling us how much his loved the introduction to the book of Job and also the teaching from one of the New Testament books. He went on to share what he had learned in the messages. 

Emojis continue to be a favorite among our listeners!


As we had shared in the last newsletter, please continue to pray for us and join us in praising God for what He is accomplishing in the lives of listeners through the broadcasts.  

If you remember, we changed our Arabic broadcast number to a US number for security reasons. Johnny was able to migrate all the listeners to the new number. We are very grateful to God for this smooth transition. 

We have many listeners who are from other faith backgrounds. We also have listeners who are new (and first generation) Christ followers. We are very grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to personally serve them and other listeners.  

Join us in thanking God for the successful Leadership Seminar in Madurai, India. 

There are five of us in the Mobile Christian Network team: Tina Faine, Johnny Hachem, Leslie Jebaraj, Salomi Jubal, and Shalini Patras. Keep us and our families in your prayers! We also have some wonderful volunteers and we are very grateful to God for them!


Do you have Arabic or Tamil speaking friends or family members who would like to listen to the broadcast? You can easily invite them to listen to sound Bible teaching.


For Arabic language broadcast, simply ask them to text "join" to 1-469-345-0595 via WhatsApp. 

For Tamil language broadcast, simply ask them to text "join" to 91-90-038-10255 via WhatsApp.

Would you like to give a micro-gift of $1 - a subscription to one of our current listeners? You can easily micro-gift a subscription for $1 per month here.

“But you are my witnesses, O Israel!” says the Lord. “You are my servant. You have been chosen to know me, believe in me, and understand that I alone am God. 
There is no other God— there never has been, and there never will be. I, yes I, am the Lord, and there is no other Savior." 
Isaiah 43:10, 11 NLT

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