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While the number above shows that we have 1420 subscribers, from the report below, you will see that we have far more people receiving the broadcast.


We estimate another 300 to 500 people are receiving our broadcasts, every day from friends and family members who re-broadcast (send to less than 10 people) or relay broadcast (send to more than 10 people). That is, we are estimating a total listening audience of about 2000 to 2100 people, daily.

Background image: We have used the image of a cell phone in the car as the background for this issue of Mobile Christian Network as many of our listeners have shared that they plug in their phone and listen to the broadcast when they are driving.

moving across platforms.

We knew early on that connecting with listeners will help us to move across platforms. Specifically:

1. It will help listeners buy or receive tangible (instead of digital) content, such as books, Bible study notes, etc. for those who like to read on paper

2. It will allow us to offer local / regional Bible teaching classes to listeners

On November 11, 2017, we will have our first on-the-ground or regional Biblical Leadership Seminar for Tamil speaking listeners around Madurai, a mid-size city in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. See our promotion.

To successfully implement these classes, we are praying for 50 Mobile Christian Teachers, who can teach on various subjects such as Biblical finance management, Biblical class room management for Christian teachers, etc.  and 50 Mobile Bible Teachers, to teach Biblical counseling, Bible Study Methods, etc. Please pray with us for the right teachers to fulfill the right teaching role. 

If you or someone from your church would like to serve as a Mobile Christian Teacher or Mobile Bible Teacher please contact us at


Special report with gratitude for Thru the Bible broadcast.


Johnny Hachem, our Arabic language WhatsApp and social media manager, has a pastoral heart.  He is also a gifted pianist and composer. His compositions are currently being played in Europe. Read more about Johnny.


Our listeners come to Johnny with theological questions. They also invite Johnny into their personal lives, celebrations, and sorrows. Last month Johnny met with many listeners, heard their stories, and had breakfast or lunch with them. 

Some of our Arabic listeners continue to rebroadcast the messages they receive. We are very grateful to ministry leaders who rebroadcast the messages to those they serve - believers who are quiet about their faith and do not want to share their contact information with others. 



Special report with gratitude for Mini Bible College social media and broadcast.


Salomi Jubal is our Tamil WhatsApp and social media manager. Leslie Jebaraj is volunteering his time as our counselor. When listeners ask theological or Biblical questions, Salomi interacts with Leslie to respond to listeners questions. 


Here are some screen shots of the responses from our Tamil language listeners.

This listener wrote: 

"I am from a Hindu family. Your Bible teaching broadcasts are not just clear, they are sweet to my ears and easy to understand.

I am sharing your broadcasts with my friends.

In the past I could not understand 100% the words in the Bible. Now, with your broadcasts, I am able to understand.

Thank you for your broadcasts."

This listener, a pastor, wrote: 

"My loving (broadcaster) brother in Christ, the messages you broadcast are very useful to me. Because I am able to listen to the broadcasts continuously, I write them down and ponder over what you teach. Then I share it with my small congregation. It gives me great joy and delights my heart. Thank you very much. "

We also have listeners communicating with us through emojis and others, rebroadcasting or relaying the messages to their friends and family. You can see their messages to us in the images below. You will see two of messages that tell us they are sending the messages to their friends and family.

The below image is a glimpse of some of the high reach and high engagement days for the Tamil Mobile Christian Network Facebook page. In the Tamil social media, depending on the message shared on the post, we organically reach anywhere from 100 to a few thousands of people. In the image below, you can see that we are organically reaching about 4000 to 5000 people on some days. When we promote a post for $3, as you can see in the image below, the reach increases close to 9,000 and more. Our highest reach was 22,000! Moreover, more than 1000 people engage with us through likes, comments, and shares. Not bad for a page that was started just a few months ago! More than anything, it tells us the hunger that people have to study God's word.


For some time, God has been reminding me of His servants, like George Muller or Amy Carmichael, who prayed. Recently, I met with Dr. Rodney Orr, who shared an article he wrote with me. It was an excellent article on prayer, and it prompted me to share our concerns and needs with you so that you can pray for us. 

Pray for Johnny, as he is continuing to migrate our listeners from a new broadcast phone number, for the process to go smoothly for Johnny and for our listeners.

We would like to begin promoting our Arabic language broadcast in December. Please pray for wisdom and guidance, not just in promoting the broadcast but in managing the response to the broadcast. 

We have many Hindu listeners (as you saw in the listener's message above), some in the Middle East who have just trusted the Lord and have not shared about their changed lives with their families, and pastors (as in the listener's message above) who take notes and teach their congregations. Please pray for our listener's understanding and spiritual growth . 

Next month, we will have our first "on location" or regional seminar in Madurai, a mid-size city in India. Please pray for us as we are beginning to promote it among our listeners. 

There are five of us in the Mobile Christian Network team: Tina Faine, Johnny Hachem, Leslie Jebaraj, Salomi Jubal, and Shalini Patras. Keep us and our families in your prayers! We also have some wonderful volunteers - join us in praising God for them!

We preach Christ, warning people not to add to the Message. We teach in a spirit of profound common sense so that we can bring each person to maturity. To be mature is to be basic. Christ! No more, no less. That’s what we are working so hard at day after day, year after year, doing our best with the energy God so generously gives us.
Colossians 1:28, 29 The Message

our partners.

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