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We will soon announce the next class. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the class on Forgiveness!

Zoom Class on Forgiveness

3 class sessions on April 17, 24, and May 1

8:00 AM Jamaica, US Central | 1:00 PM Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana | 2:00 PM Nigeria, UK | 3:00 PM Botswana, Malawi, Netherlands, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe | 4:00 PM Kenya, Uganda | 6:00 PM Pakistan | 6:30 PM India, Sri Lanka

Whom do I forgive?

When do I forgive?

Why should I forgive?

How do I forgive, especially those who have deeply hurt me or those who are continuing to hurt me?


Join us for a Zoom class to learn from the Bible answers to these questions. This is an intensive class. We will be spending together almost 9 hours divided into three class sessions.

The class is full! You can choose to be waitlisted for this class. We will email you after the class begins on April 17 if there are spots open. Thank you. 

Waitlist Registration

Please fill the form to be on the registration waitlist for the Class (via Zoom) on Forgiveness.

How did you hear about this Zoom Class on Forgiveness?

More About the Class

This is an intensive class. There are three sessions to this class. Each session is expected to last 3 hours. The class also includes assignments that can be completed during breaks. The class is intented to help the participants gain a Biblical perspective to forgiveness.

If you register for this class, please be prepared to engage, evaluate, and practice/share Biblical truth on forgiveness in your context.

About the Teacher

Shalini Jebasingh Patras is leading this study. In 2004, Shalini graduated with a Masters in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary. She is currently carrying out research on leading with love for her Ph.D. at Dallas Baptist University. Shalini spent 10 years at Trans World Radio and 11 years at Insight for Living before working with Eirene Group LLC and Mobile Christian Network.  She has been working for Mobile Christian Network since 2015. Shalini's chapter book series, Bible at Work is available at Her article, "Forgiveness and Organizational Well Being" is scheduled to be published in the inaugral issue of Ducere est Servire, the leadership journal of Dallas Baptist University.

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