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July, 2018

subscribers on 07/18/2018.





charting the increase.
#1: We continue to get over 100 new subscribers each month.
#2: This quarter, as you can see from the steeper slope, we have grown at a faster rate than previously.
#3: We have crossed 2,000 Tamil language subscribers. 
the numbers.

As of July 18, the number of subscribers God has brought to us is below.

Total number of Arabic language subscribers is 580.

Total number of Tamil language subscribers is 2,017.

Both languages together is a total number of subscribers of 2,597.

Our estimate is that, together in both the Tamil and Arabic languages, the broadcast is forwarded or rebroadcast to about 400 to 500 others who are friends or family members of our subscribers

who is subscribing?
20 to 40 years
30 to 50 years
Men, women other ages

arabic listeners tell us:

AZ is a Moroccan living in Spain. He and many of his countrymen meet regularly for Bible study. AZ listens to the broadcasts and translates it into the Moroccan dialect for the group every time they meet. Now, he is asking us to broadcast in their dialect!

Hello! I am Mohammad from Saudi Arabia. I would like to subscribe to your broadcast.

I want to thank you very much for your broadcast. I listen to you here in Morocco. Your broadcast has been a blessing to me. I want you to know that I am praying for you.

Thank you so much for your broadcast. It has been a blessing to me and has been helpful to my soul. Your broadcast is helping me to grow in what the Bible says. Every day I am learning something new. I am so grateful for your ministry. May God bless you, keep you in peace, and give you grace. I pray for you everyday. 

tamil listeners tell us:

My uncle suffered from a mild heart attack. He is now in the ICU of the hospital. Please pray for him to be OK and to come home soon. Also, just to let you know, his name is ---.

 "Amen" to what I heard. Thank you very much for your broadcast.

Please note, listener texts and calls are edited for easy reading. Their names are not shared to ensure their privacy. 


We are so grateful to God for bringing to us more than 2,000 Tamil language subscribers and almost 600 Arabic language subscribers. 

Please pray for us as we continue to grow.

Please pray very specially for our Muslim listeners, for our listeners who are the only believers in their families, and for our listeners who have fled from their home because of the crisis in the Middle East. As Johnny, who manages the Arabic broadcasts shared, "About our listeners who have contacted us from Muslim background, who accepted Jesus . . . their families have disowned them. I have come to know many of them."


Do you have Arabic or Tamil speaking friends or family members who would like to listen to the broadcast? You can easily invite them to listen to sound Bible teaching. Simply tell them about the availability of sound Bible teaching that they can subscribe to, via WhatsApp and pass on the subscription information given below to them.

For Arabic language broadcast, text "join" or "subscribe" to 1-469-345-0595 via WhatsApp. 

For Tamil language broadcast, text "join" or "subscribe" to 91-90-038-10255 via WhatsApp.

create / krēˈāt / to bring something to existence

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. . . . God created human beings in His own image. In the image of God He created them; male and female he created them. . . . Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good. (NLT)

Selected verses from Genesis 1 

In 2013, I read Michael Michalko's book, Creative Thinkering. It reminded me that we, human beings, can never create something out of nothing. Take creation for example. While God created all that we see out of nothing, we only have the capacity to create something from something else. For instance, the wheel came from stone; fire came from kindling and a heat source, and so on. Even with all our advances in science and technology, we cannot even make something as simple as a seed from nothing.

At the same time, as image bearers of God, we are called ​to be creative. Michalko taught me that we are creative when we bring together different ideas, concepts, or products, even if it is from diverse fields. For instance, take the camera in a pill, the PillCam. Gabi Iddan, a guided missile engineer, saw his neighbor, an endocrinologist, concerned about a patient as the X-rays and MRI's did not completely reveal what was going on inside his patient. Gabi combined ideas from guided missile technology with micro cameras to create the PillCam, that now helps doctors to make informed diagnosis.


At Mobile Christian Network, we understand that as God's image bearers, we are called to be creative. We strive to combine ideas from different, even diverse fields to make sound Bible teaching easily accessible and available to people in their language and cultural context. 

While we journey on in this vision, we are thankful to everyone who has heard about our work and who are partnering with us. It is because of your encouragement in giving us your time to hear about our work and more so, it is because of the trust our partners have placed on us, that we are able to innovate and bring sound Bible teaching to over 2,500 people, today. After all, we cannot create from nothing.

With much gratitude, 


On behalf of all of us at Mobile Christian Network family


You are receiving this quarterly report because (a) we have shared about Mobile Christian Network with you for you to consider partnering with us, (b) we partner together, and/or (c) we are friends, family, or friends of friends - and you pray for us. We are deeply grateful to God for you. 

We do not share listener details to ensure our listeners privacy. 

As we continue to pursue excellence in what we do, please help us pursue excellence in our listeners' privacy and team safety by not forwarding this newsletter to others.  

our partners.

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