Seminar will cover - 

  • What does Scripture teach on building your and your team's capabilities?

  • What does Scripture teach on your unique gifts and skills? 

  • What does Scripture teach us on creativity?

  • What does Scripture teach us to do when we face crisis in leadership?

  • What does Scripture teach us on ambition?

Date & Time

November 11, 2017

10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


Pastors Rs. 300

General Public Rs. 600

About the Teachers

John K John

John K. John has 25+ years of experience in the Human Resources function but his passion for learning/training took him full time into this role in Learning & Development in June 2003. He currently is Vice President - Corporate Learning & Development, Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai. A Certified T3 Zig Ziglar Trainer, he is also a Level 1 Certified Birkman Consultant in understanding Human Behaviour, and most recently a Gallup Strengths Coach {1 in 90 in India & 1 in 560 in the world}.

John has been involved in the ministry of the Lord from his youth, in the home church, CSI Holy Trinity Church and with the youth wing of Friends Missionary Prayer Band, Navodaya Team, which presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ primarily through music. His passion towards music got him involved in the church choir to start and then with the Navodaya team and more recently as a Solo artist in Worship & Praise to The Lord. By the grace of God, he has been able to bring out 2 CD albums. To know more visit www.johnkjohn.com.

He speaks at church retreats in his home church and with other ministries that invite him.

Some of the recent invites have been:
Youth conference, CSI Holy Trinity Church, Chennai in October 2016
Youth retreat 2017, Praying Kerala ministries, Kottayam in April 2017
SALT Conference 2017, Chennai in April 2017
Family retreat 2017, Epworth Methodist Church, Mumbai in August 2017
Youth conference, CSI churches in Mumbai in August 2017


John is married to Sheeja, a home maker, and has 3 children. Jonathan, 3rd year graduate student, Rachel, 2nd year graduate student & Suzanne in grade 10 and have their home in Bangalore.

Sam Jones Cherian

Sam Jones Cherian is serving as the principal of Madurai Bible College, Tamil Nadu since 2014. He graduated with Th. M and M. A. in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary before he started his mission in Madurai. The motto of the college is to make disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ. Sam believes it can be done by equipping godly servant leaders and those disciples form churches. The goal of the missions is church planting.

Sam values relationships and seeks to exemplify the character of Christ through the various ministries he is engaged in. He is active in ministering in his local church Madurai Gospel Hall. He cares for evangelists in rural parts of Madurai and focuses on giving them ongoing theological training. He is also an itinerant Bible teacher. His house is an open home where many hundreds find a resting place. He is deeply influenced by his grandfather, late Mr. M. E. Cherian, who was a great visionary. He is married to Sheeba who complements him in fulfilling his vision. They are blessed with a one year old daughter Samantha.

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